Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mommy and Baby Favorites

Motherhood...I LOVE IT!! Although I am extremely tired I just can't get enough of my baby girl. I love being a mom. I have been a mom for a good 7 weeks now and let me just tell you..It is so true when people tell you "They grow so quickly." Seriously, Jayde has grown so much in the past 7 weeks! She is a lot heavier too! ahh!! Slow down Jayde! She is defintely my best friend and a blessing.
Here she is at One week
and here she is at One month! :)
Well, anyways this post is pretty much to let you know I put up a video about our (Mine and Jayde's) Monthly Favorites! Things we have been relying and using everyday!! Mine: BeautyMint Serum & essential cleanser ( )- Jaydes: BoogieWipes (Babies R Us)- Mine: Boots No7 protect and perfect body serum (Target)- Jaydes: gumdrop pacifier (Target)- Mine: Mama bee (Burts bees) belly butter (Target)- Jaydes: Tommee tippee bottle (Babies R Us)- Mine: Lansinoh Nipple Cream & boob pads :) ( gifted by Sonia - ) Target- Jaydes: Glow worm toy- Gifted by my parents ,sold at Target- Mine: evenflo simplygo electric Breast Pump- Babies R Us- Jaydes: Nap Nanny (Gifted by grandparents ) - Mine: Huggies little snugglers WET indicator Pampers- Target & grocery store- All items mentioned above are shown in the video below. (One thing I forgot to mention in my youtube video is the Bamboo belly bandit, I will do a separate post/video for that) I love it! Lots of Love from Baby Jayde and I

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  1. Shes soo Cute. You seem soo happy.


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