Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This post is long over due! But better late than never right??? :) haha. So I went to a B.F.V.A meeting last year and had lots of fun..I also remember my feet were hurting because I was pregnant lol However, this year my feet were not hurting because obviously I had my baby girl , so I enjoyed myself without pain. This event was held on June 11th hosted by Google held inside the new Google office in Beverly hills. I love going to these events/meetings because you learn so much and it's a way to catch up with your friends who live a little far from you...or to just meet new people. Everyone is always so welcoming and sweet and I took my mom along with me so thank you mama for taking pictures. I also have little pieces of the night in the video posted below. Happy TUESDAY!!
x's and lot's of O's

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