Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Last night I went to the viva glam magazine launch party and it was at the W hotel in Hollywood! Such a nice venue! Thanks to my friend Ramona the beauty editor of the magazine for inviting me and my friends ) I always love socializing and seeing my friends. The pictures came out blurry so I only had a couple of them from that night ,(Beginning of the night actually, before all the people arrived) but I do have outfit pictures that will be up tomorrow or friday. The picture below is a sneak peek of the outfit :) Oh and we went for sushi after and I met Alex McCord from the Real housewives of New York (picture was taken with my iPhone) :)
x's and lot's of O's
p.s. I was actually featured in one of their articles. click the picture below to read the beauty questions they asked me.

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