Friday, July 13, 2012

Favorite Apps for this week!

Every week I am finding brand new apps for my iphone/ipad and this week I wanted to share with you my Favorites! If you have any favorite apps or some you think I might enjoy please let me know.

My Fitness Pal - Tracks all of your daily calories and workouts! :) I Love this app! It puts me in my place haha

Michaels arts and craft- This app has craft ideas and coupons that can be scanned in the stores! I Love this app!! If you feel like being creative or get some fun tutorials from your very own phone get this app!

Instagram: No need to explain. It's just an addiction LOL my name on there is CDIORME if you were wondering!

POPBOOTH: Remember back in the days at the Movie theaters or at fairs they would or actually some still have the photo booths! Well you can get pictures like that from your phone! so much fun and it's free! Unless you wanted to actually purchase the photo! But I will take the photo and just save it to my phone :)

ps. Happy Friday the 13th!

x's and o's!

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