Saturday, July 14, 2012


HELLO!! :) Today has been such a good day! Jayde and I filmed a video together and she sat up alone without any support!! PROUD MAMA right here! So exciting for me and the best thing...It was all caught on camera! wooh! The video will be posted below, but I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about what the video is's about a monthly subscription box for little kids!! SO COOL!!! You get to take a quiz and at the end the stylist chose what clothes they think you would love for your kid. So if you are big on monthly subscriptions , you would love this one and your child would look forward to it as would be a present for them to open every month! haha . So it's $39.99 free shipping and honestly, so worth it! You can cancel at anytime so if you wanted to try it for one month you can! :) I think it's such a great idea! So now Jayde is going to be one little happy bee ;)

x's and o's Cristeen & Jayde

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