Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Summer Must-Haves

I wanted to share with you all my favorite summer essentials. These are my must-haves for the time being! What are you favorite summer must-haves??
These are just some of my Summer Favorites!
Maybelline baby lips- lip balm. These are by far my favorite lip balms. They're so moisturizing,scented and each have a tint of color.
Bright Neon Nail polishes. Especially with tanned skin these have a beautiful POP of color on your nails.
Bronzer- I don't know what I would do without this two faced bronzer! This palette is amazing! I use it for eyeshadow and a highlight as well!
Summer scented lotions- Not only do I love my skin feeling smooth during summer but I also love to smell very good. Especially like coconut! My tree hut body butter shown above smells like straight up HAWAII (beaches)! and the other one smells like summer berries with a little hint of vanilla (Reminds me of starburst candy. YUM)
Self-Tanners!- DUH! We hear over and over not to go to tanning booths and I was guilty of that! I have tried so many self tanners before and would get blotchiness and streaks but these three here are my favorites! The towelette is a semi-favorite only because it takes forever to see the results, but when the results show..THEY SHOW! My airbrush tan makeup by sally hansen will always be my number 1! I have a video/demo on my YT Channel and I recently discovered million dollar tan lotion and well, I LOVE this stuff and it gives a dark perfect tan. I will do a review on it sometime soon.
For the face!: I love makeup removing wipes..sometimes I will still use them on a clean face when I am outside because it feels as if I just splashed water on my face and cools it off. Plus wipes make it so much easier to get the hard to get spots around the eyes when removing eye makeup. My Kate Somerville exfoliate has become the best thing ever for my face. Its an intensive exfoliating treatment and I can feel a difference and its always good to exfoliate your skin! Then of course moisturizer! My favorite as of now is my 'likewise' daily skincare moisturizer with SPF 50! ( I still apply sunblock on my face regardless of what my moisturizer says though )
Sunblock and aloe vera! I don't want to act like I am a mother to all of you , so I won't say much about this but we have all heard about how sunblock is very important and aloe vera is a most definite to have during summer. (It can be used for so many different things as well)
Mine and baby Jayde's sunglasses :) Mine were only $5 from H&M and Jayde's were $10 from Nordstrom.
Hair Care!- I am actually losing my hair (post-partum thing I guess) so I have been using whatever I can to keep my hair healthy during all of this. The sun can also dehydrate your hair so I use my macadamia masque (which smells soo good) and I got mine here It is a repairing masque and makes my hair feel soft and look shiny. The herbal essence leave in protector basically hydrates your hair and detangles it the same time and can be used on dry or wet hair. After swimming in a pool or in the ocean this is always nice to put on and smells amazing!
TRUST me, I love having full coverage on my face especially when I feel like I have a pimple or not so healthy looking skin , but if you find the right tinted moisturizer you will love it and not feel so cake heavy during the summer and won't have to stress about your makeup melting off! Laura mercier would have to be my all time number 1 favorite tinted moisturizer in NUDE. It's very light weight and I first apply the foundation primer before my tinted moisturizers just to make sure it stays on longer. The other tinted moisturizers shown are very well working ones as well . Pur 4-in-1 (MEDIUM) and my Jouer in bronze (gives me a glow) .
Last is my benefit WATTS UP highlight. As you can see it adds a nice highlight to the skin and I apply this above the apples of my cheeks , on top of my upper lip, and the bridge of my nose and it makes my skin look so awake and glowy! xo

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