Thursday, July 19, 2012

'THIS' Thursday

Here is my first post for This weeks- Thursday's "THIS" ( MY FAVORITES ) I might do this every Thursday :) What do you think?
THIS!: Oh yes! I remember THIS! haha
THIS!: Blog of the week! My lovely friend Evelina's blog. I have been obsessed with it lately. THIS is a great blog that is very inspiring and so much fun! Def. Check it out. She is full of talents!!
THIS!: Polaroids with friends! Polaroid pictures never get old! THIS is a memory you can carry with you always.
THIS!: DIY's! "DO IT YOURSELF" I love DIYS! THIS is one of my DIY's using a lightbulb. (VIDEO POSTED ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL)
THIS!: NEON NEON NEON! I Love NEON! Especially my brand new Neon Yellow Heels! They remind me of a highlighter :) Perfect POP of color for your outfit! They were purchased from called 'KAYLEN'
THIS!: My Neon Orange nail polish! I love how bright this nail polish is and as I am typing this I am looking down smiling at the brightness ;) Go get yourself some NEON nails for the summer! The color of this is called NEON HOT ORANGE THIS!:
THIS!: Events that have the three "C's" 1.CANDY 2. CHEESE 3. CHAMPAGNE! Thanks HRHCOLLECTION.NET for providing us with these yummy goodies while celebrating your store launch! SHOPWITHHRH.COM
THIS!: CUTEST PICTURE OF THE WEEK! (found randomly on google)
Hope you enjoyed THIS 'THURSDAYS' post x's and o's


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