Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Affordable Facial Masks

I still can't believe I haven't made a blog post about this stuff yet! I love that feeling of having fresh rejuvenating skin! Who doesn't? There is something about putting a mask on in the day or at night before bed that makes you feel so relaxed as well. I don't know if it's just the thought of having fresh-clean skin afterwards. Usually after facial mask are removed from my skin I just want to get my nails done, get a massage and lay down and read a book or watch a girly movie. haha. Do you act differently after wearing a face mask?? I have had these face mask for awhile now and they are my absolute favorites and get this..They are all under $4.99!! My favorite are the FREEMAN mask, which I get from ULTA and they're $4.99 each. NOT BAD!! The other mask which I was so afraid to try at first because I thought I might get some kind of allergic reaction is 'love & beauty' by Forever21! The love & beauty mask are usually under $2! I have tried theirs in Cucumber, chocolate, and mango ( I think it was mango). Before I apply my face mask I remove all of my makeup and I just use whatever I have around the house to remove ALL of my makeup! Lately I have been using either facial cleaning wipes ( which are so easy and convenient) or if I want to get all fancy dancy I will use my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish cleanser which exfoliates my skin as well as take off my makeup. Usually every face mask you come across has a description on what it focuses on. I have two FREEMAN mask and one is the detoxifying clay facial mask which says it combats effects of stress purifies + detoxifies for clear skin. This one smells like a bowl of fresh fruit. The next one is definitely my favorite and one that I use most of the time and that is the Facial Clay mask Avocado & Oatmeal. It purges pores and leaves your skin clean drawing out excess oils and dirts. The scent of this is like guacamole! yumm...bring on the chips! The Forever21 mask I have been using is coconut ultra hydrating shea butter mask because it smells sooo good!! Forget what it does to the skin..haha JK! It does smell good but it's also supposed to seal in moisture and soften dry skin. This one always makes my face look brighter after! I recommend this one in the mornings before putting on makeup because it leaves a perfect,clean & bright canvas for you. Always after removing face mask I like to put on moisturizer with sunblock. If have moisturizer with no sunblock I mix them two together and place it on my face. Recently I got a sample of a moisturizer from my birchbox ( If you don't know what birchbox is..click the link on the side of blog) that has 50SPF!! Perfect right?! It's also water-resistant. I love it and going to buy the original size for myself. It's 'likewise' daily skin care moisturizer. I RECOMMEND THIS STUFF!! One last thing. They do have mask for MEN so look out for those! It's always fun to sit with your loved one both looking like freaks! haha :) because let's get serious here..mask look hilarious on the face! :) HAPPY MASKING!
Above ( My Favorite Mask at this time )
(MENS was found at WORLD MARKET) x's and o's Cristeen


  1. Great to know that affordable masks are also effective!

  2. I love this post! Cause I have never known how to really use my mask! Gonna do one when I get off work tonight!


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