Thursday, August 16, 2012

"THIS" Thursday!

Welcome back to my 'This' Thursday Post :) Hope you enjoy!
THIS!: Did you just drool looking at this picture above? Kid sushi!! Great idea!! I want to make some for myself! Looks super healthy and affordable when you can't afford the Real sushi haha. It's a Sara Lee recipe and I found this picture HERE
THIS! THIS BLOG!: Looking for another beauty blog? How about one with a girl who has an amazing and fun personality?? Well check out my friend Marissa's blog! She get's personal and always shares beauty secrets as well as mommy life to her beautiful twins. I love it and always feel inspired after reading her post! Click HERE to see for yourself!
THIS!!!: Getting so close to fall and omg I am overly excited about this!! Especially when I see websites that have fall boots up already! For example Justfab has killer boots that make you wish it was fall tomorrow! I love the boots they have on their site! check it out and let me know if you purchased anything!
THIS quote!: Quotes are everywhere now, on Facebook,twitter, tumblr..etc...well I found this quote and I think this deserved to be featured in THIS Thursdays post I agree with it 100% and because I love Lauren Conrad LOL :)
This!: 2012 fall fashion trend! I actually LOVE THIS!! Want an excuse to feel a little country? Well Ye-haw! The Western gal trend is in! From plaid shirts, western accessories to cowgirl boots. I am definitely going to be following this trend, but of course add my own twist to it :) You will see soon! Bracelet - here Denim button up HERE Very last photo found from this website HERE I love it and they show you an easy way to start up the trend. ------ PS. Here is my VLOG for THIS Thursday x's and lots of O's Cristeen

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