Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WEN cleansing conditioners

Hello sulfate-free shampoo! :) What is "sulfate-free" you ask? This doesn't have bull crap ingredients which make you feel like you're going bald! ( was happening to me when Jayde turned 5 months) it won't strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. I have been using favorite hair masks and shampoos but nothing was really helping me have that clean and outrageously shiny hair that I once had when I was 13! haha. ( before the coloring and BS I put my hair through) ha. Well, I finally pumped out my favorite cleansing conditioner which doesn't require usage of shampoo!! wooh! How about that?! WEN cleansing conditioner has been a life savor for my hair! I have been using it once a week for the past month and my hair feels so much better and cleaner and not falling out as much as it was before. THANK YOU CHAZ DEAN FOR THIS INVENTION!! haha ;) I first started out with the pomegranete one and used that in seriously two weeks haha. I loved it and since then have been getting different scents! My current favorite is the Summer coconut mango one! oooh my it smells sooo good but they stop selling this one on AUGUST 30th! So if you want your hair to smell like you're vacationing in hawaii with healthy looking hair HURRY AND BUY! Another neat thing about it is they come with pumps! but, crazy thing I did notice is the amount of pumps you need for one application to your hair...but whatever ..this product works wonders!! :) Have you tried Wen products? What do you like/dislike about it?
x's and Lot's o's Cristeen You can buy Wen HERE


  1. Seriously just got this in mail yesterday for the first time. I got Sweet Almond Mint... Can't wait to start using it

    Do you shampoo first? It just says wet hair and use wen
    Just wondering what you do?


    1. Hi Sarah,

      With this product I don't shampoo first. It's pretty much an all in 1 :) Just follow the amount of pumps it says too and you will see the great results! :)


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