Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Owls in the wind

Jayde is officially 3 years old. She is so smart, silly and loving. A true Joy in my life.
Anywhooo, I said I would post a lot more in February and decided to start now. There will be so much more offered to my blog so be on the lookout. I will have recipes, collabs, toddler and baby stuff, thoughts and feelings and so much more. Be Ready! Let's start today off with some kids fashion shall we? I love kids fashion and Jayde loves shoes and clothes as well so it's not too hard getting her dressed and by the way she loves taking pictures and being filmed (If you watch my vlog you will know this already).
Jayde's Owl dress and blue shoes are by thredup which is one of our favorite places to buy clothes! Brand name clothes new or used for such a great price! Oh and her Glasses are Gap and bow is F21. Enjoy her pictures and comment below what you would like to see more of on my blog!

Jayde's Instagram is HERE
xx Cristeen & Jayde

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