Thursday, January 29, 2015

Staying in for V-day Ideas

Easy & Cheap yet meaningful gift  & to do idea's if you plan on staying in.

Staying in for Valentines day can be just as fun and romantic then going out to a candlelit dinner. I personally do not like going on on V-day because...It's packed everywhere! So I just wanted to share some ideas you can do at home to celebrate that day of LOVE ..LIKE...whatever you want to define Valentine's day as. I will always like Valentines day personally not because I am married with the love of my life but because it's my birthday! woohaaa!  Hope you enjoy this post and don't forget to watch the video at the end for more details and such. 

Keep makeup very simple with a beautiful pink/red lip. I am using True Love by Tarte on mine.
Movie , hot chocolate and smore's night? Dress comfy. 
Comfy heels, just flats. ooh yeaaaah. Kitten flats. I got these from Justfab
Cute and thoughtful valentines gifts that will just fill up a little bag. I found everything at Target. Watch my video to see what else he got. 

Laugh and have fun while making smore's. I find s'more making with the one you care about very romantic and get into the V-day spirit with some cute valentine decorated plates. These were only $1 from Target. SCORE! 

DIY home chocolate bar at home! YES! 

Have fun decorating and snap a photo of your hot chocolates and post on instagram or fb asking whose look better ;)

This was $7.99 at Target and it was super simple for me but of course you can buy it all separately. It comes with two popcorn bags, 1 peanut M&M box, 1 Milk chocolate M&M box and a box of skittles! 

You have kids? What is better than spending time with all of those you love in one room . They will fall asleep eventually. (hopefully) and then you can get back to turning off Disney Junior and back to that romantic movie you picked out with your Valentine.

xx Cristeen Olley

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