Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Flavors Of The Week

Let's try a little something out. Instead of my monthly favorites let's share my Flavors of the week? Yeah? Okay! So I have been making this smoothie for quite sometime now and it never disappoints me or my kiddos. Super easy! I will be honest. My kids don't care for kale that much even in their smoothies so I will blend theirs first and serve and then add kale and blend the rest for me! I didn't have kale today BOO HOO! However, I did have Kale for my hair!
Pacifica SUPER KALE juiced-up shampoo and conditioner smell delicious and the leave-on detangling conditioner is amazing!! It makes my hair feel so smooth and I see a shine for sure. You can apply the leave-on conditioner to dry or wet hair but I have only applied it to wet hair and once my hair dries I see that SHINE!

As for my smoothie. It's super easy. The video below will give you the exact recipe! xx
You can also find the  PACIFICA products I showed by clicking HERE

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