Saturday, March 26, 2016

psst..ItCosmetics Top Hero Products!


 Hello my beautiful readers! I am sharing with you some pretty amazing products. I tried these out and ready to review them for you! Today's brand we are focusing on is itCosmetics . A brand that I personally have liked for years now. So you ready to hear about their top hero products? Yes!? okay! 

I had to to make this mascara the numero uno product on this post because of how amazing it is! NO LIE! AHHH! It's called the Superhero. Okay, so this mascara is an anti aging mascara! Yes you read that correctly! ANTI AGING MASCARA! If you don't get yourself to buy this mascara you are missing out. I am amazed at how well this lengthens my eyelashes! My lash line looked so full and they looked so long and thick. Interested in the ingredients or interested in buying this you can click right HERE

itCosmetics have always pleased me in the brush department. This one did not disappoint me one bit! This gave a flawless finish. I used it with my CC+ cream and with my concealer. The perfect 2-in-1 tool.  It is so soft and can also be used as contouring. I use the small end for contouring my nose and it's so simple. This brush makes a huge difference in application. I can see why it is a top 5 product of theirs. You can find it HERE.

CC cream is a full coverage foundation that has color correcting pigments that neutralize redness and discoloration to even out your skin tone.  I love this product! It has anti-aging serum and spf 50+ and gives you coverage. You can't go wrong with this product. I never feel "Cakey" with this foundation on. It goes on so smoothly and evens out my skin tone perfectly! It's my go-to foundation to give me a natural look. If I want full coverage for nights out I also mix this with any full coverage liquid foundation of mine just because I feel it helps it glide on smoother and it just looks great over all! Link for this one is right HERE.

Bye Bye Under Eye DRAMA! YES! My under eyes look like they have been through so much drama! Having two little ones can do that. Haha. Luckily I came across this concealer. I use it for under eyes, problem spots, eyebrow fixing/highlight. I do have to practice how much I apply though. A little goes a long way with this one. Trust! In the video I use for this post you will see I use a beauty blender ONLY because I applied a little too much. It's fine it ended up adding a little more coverage to my face and looked A okay! It may feel thick at first and you do have to hurry and blend but once you do your job blending it doesn't feel cakey or greasy at all. Something that I tell everyone about this product and get all giddy about is that it is Waterproof! OOOH YEAH! The concealer stays on for a pretty long time which is why I love using it to highlight and fix my brows! It wont sweat off. Another benefit: It's anti-aging. Find it HERE

Anti-Aging Micro Powder. I use my Wand Ball Powder brush when applying this. The sponge is okay but I love applying it with their brushes because seriously all their brushes feel super soft. Pretty much this absorbs oil and shine and is kind of like a filter that takes away your pores. I like to use this to set my concealers and foundation.  You can find it HERE

If you follow my youtube channel you will know this is a favorite brow pencil of mine. It changed my eyebrow game. It makes shaping and filling so simple! Brow power matches all hair colors perfectly. Attached on the other side is a spooley and that brushes your eyebrow hairs smoothly and doesn't cause any fall out. I have used spooleys that somehow yanked some hairs out. After filling in my brows with the pencil I always finish it off with a little brush from the spooley and it gives it a natural look. You can find that one HERE.
So there you go! You can watch me in action applying these products by clicking the video below. 
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. xx Cristeen

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