Thursday, December 8, 2016

12 Days Of Christmas Gift Guide - DAY 2!

I found the best hair tool ever for this year! No Joke! This would be the perfect gift to give someone! Pssst...I have a code for 50% off as well. I will have that at the bottom of this post k!?
Meet FLOW! (Not that flow) haha. This is an amazing amazing amazing Ceramic straightening brush! YES A BRUSH!! You don't have to clamp your hair and worry about hair falling out everywhere! I used this and was in complete shock with how well it works! I had no hair fall out and my hair looked super shiny and smooth  ( you can see for yourself in the video posted below)
OHHH The packaging is pretty legit as well. I am a sucker for packaging especially with cute little messages. haha.

So let me tell you a little about the brush. It heats up pretty quickly and didn't burn my scalp or anything as I was brushing my hair with it. ( I DO NOT SUGGEST LETTING IT CHILL ON YOUR SCALP THOUGH..hehe) It was so easy and so quick it took me less than 15 minutes! If you are a mom like me then you know time is precious! 
 The bristles are ceramic, anti static and seamlessly tackle any texture leaving you with a soft and shiny natural look! The heat control is 170-370° 

I think we have a 10/10 gift for her right here!!! So about that 50 % off code... it's  "crisflow"
and you can get HERE.
Also, please check out my video below to watch me actually using it! 

xx Cristeen

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