Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cherry and Goat Cheese- Stuffed Pork Tenderloin (Home Chef)

Imagine not having to stand in long lines at a grocery store..or even having to go hoping they have all the ingredients to make a delish dinner?! Guess what!?! You won't have too! You can get all the ingredients sent to your door to make a yummy meal for you and your fam!  What's good about this is you can modify the amt of seasonings, butter..etc as well :) Good for if you are watching your calories! Or just portion size (what I do) . So HOME CHEF  delivers the ingredients to your door along with a cookbook! Oh yeaaah! My husband and I cooked the first meal together which was Cherry and Goat Cheese- Stuffed Pork Tenderloin! YUM! It was soooo good! Here a close up of the recipe for you and the pictures! I also have a video down below of course sharing this meal along with my weight watchers meals throughout the day :) OH and of course I have a code for you! Want to save $30?! Use Code: Cristeen30  and click HERE  to check out homechef.com for yourself

For the Recipe:
In your box you get the following:
1 fl.oz Liquid egg
10 oz. Carrot
2 oz. Baby spinach
4 Russet potatos
4 fl. oz milk
.9 oz butter
1 oz dried cherries
1 oz goat cheese crumbles
1 Butchers Twine
1 pork tenderloin
1/2 oz honey
3 thyme sprigs

What you need from your kitchen:
Olive oil
cooking spray
baking sheet
casserole dish
med pot
med. non stick pan
mixing bowl

Let's begin: 

Step by step again (below) 

Ta Da!

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