Thursday, July 6, 2017


ALOHA! Who got their June Popsugar must have box?! WOW! This was a fun box to open! I can tell you that! Cookies, starbucks, a hat..and more! I was so excited when I was taking everything out one by one and all I kept saying out loud was "AHH YES!"  haha except for the straws..I have a weird thing about paper straws..I feel like they make my mouth feel weird and ruin my drink so I set those aside for a fourth of July party we had and the kids didn't seem to mind them :) Anyways, let me show you some pictures of my oh so lovely June Popsugar Must Have Box  ! 


I don't usually use cuticle oils but have heard of the benefits and this one is called Mermaid Tears so I am all for it!
I was really happy to see a book in my box because I have been wanting to read a new book lately especially outside while my kids have fun in the sun! I googled reviews on this book and it seemed to do very well! If you want to know what I think in a book review post after I finish let me know :)

You got me at MERMAID! haha. I have never tried sea salt hair spray in my hair before so I am pretty pumped to try it out for the first time especially in a bottle labeled Mermaid! ;)

1. I love hats
2. Billabong is a brand I have always loved
3. The color of the hat made me happy.

At first I was like "ohhh not another cosmetic bag" Until I read it was water proof then BAM! I was smiling and saying AHHH YEAHHHHH! Super cute with the palm trees right?!

The starbucks Frappuccino was obviously amazing to have in the box and so were these cookies! Never heard of this brand before and now I am officially obsessed! They taste like cinnamon graham crackers in a way. The fact that they are shaped like mustaches make them even better! My kids had most of them and I am already craving more so I need to add them on my snack list! Pronto!

I mean....he REALLY loved them :)
Well, That is all for this blog post! If you are interested in getting a Popsugar Must have box for yourself click HERE  and use the code SHOP5 for $5 off your first box!

Thanks POPSUGAR for providing me with this must have box to try out :) 

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