Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reality just smacked the back of my head.

Face it, You can't be happy all the time. It sucks because we would all love to be happy 24/7. But, Life is tough at times. Money problems,Relationship issues,family ,death,work. All of this is hard.but you can try . doesn't hurt to try. They say "things can be worse, look at the things you do have and appreciate it" "I do appreciate what I have and I am blessed for them..yeah things can be worse...will they be now though?"

But honestly, there is a reason for everything and being happy is a decision you make in your own life. So, if your down right now. Just think to yourself "why would I CHOSE to feel this way?" and Tell yourself to be happy..think of something funny, or think about what you have accomplished from when you were a child to now..Think Happy thoughts...

The first step to being happy all the time is radically accepting the present moment. If you think about it, you can’t be happy at any other time but the present moment.

One must see what is, and then accept the reality of it. And even acceptance is not enough, one must go beyond acceptance to love.

One must actively love reality. And not just parts of reality, for example your significant other ,dogs, or children, but all aspects of reality.

things happen for you, not to you .you are living out your life purpose here and now
Loving reality means continually appreciating everything for what it is right now, and noticing that it is perfect for right now. At the same time, loving reality does not blank out the future or possibilities for improvement.

Eventually you get to a point where there is simply nothing to complain about, every aspect of reality is appreciated by you. Even the time leading up to your own death is seen as a time of transformation and growth, an opportunity to see things in a new way.

and just rememeber this one thing and spread the word " that the universe is always giving, even when it takes, it is always giving " <3 Peace and lots of love to you all and have a wonderful RAINY night <3

ps. I LOVE THE RAIN even though it is a HUGE COLD SHOWER ;) <3

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