Thursday, March 4, 2010

You are a wonderful person.

Have you ever just felt down..and you don't know why???? well, its normal. I hear it all the time from other people. so I guess I will just sit back and have one of those days... NOT! & thats what the problem is.. I decided im not going to feel that way anymore .Im not going to say "its normal" because I will just sit back and cry or sit back and do nothing because it think it "NORMAL" I am going to smile and change my attitude because I CAN! I am going to smile at a stranger and tell somebody that they are a wonderful person..I am someone who can do anything I set my mind to and Im going to do that. I am ready for big challenges. You to are a beautiful person and you can accomplish anything if you just believe in yourself and push away all those negative feelings or negative words that come out of others mouths telling you that you have to hold on or can't do it! Go out there and take that first step towards your dream. I will do it with you. I am going to do it. :) and now that makes me smile and well, I just don't feel so down anymore.
xoxo -Cristeen

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