Saturday, July 17, 2010

A dress to impress

I wore this dress for our one year anniversary dinner out in Nevada,and I love it so much that Im wearing it again *tonight* for a nice dinner with my Husband at Benihanas (GREAT RESTURANT)
It's a dress I ordered from which has very reasonable prices! Its perfect for this Hot HOT day! I paired it up with my Heels from Forever 21 and bracelets/ring from forever 21. The earrings were actually a gift from my Aunt.She made them herself. Thank you Aunt Gina, I love them! They have an elephant on them for good luck. (maybe, I should play lotto with these on.haha jk)
Well hope you ladies like the outfit and check out! :)

ps. I posted a new video showing my favorite eyeshadows :)


  1. That dress is GORGEOUS! You look so beautiful with it on. It fits so nicely on you and I love the pattern. And those heels are deadly! I love them, defintely a head turner =)

    I lvoe your earrings! Elephant are my favorite animals!

    Hope you and your husband have a great dinner at Benihanas! Its been my dream to go eat there (do you remember that song "Sexy Lady" from young berg?!? that song made me wanna go!)

  2. I love this dress, its's so cute!! You matched it up perfectly too =)

  3. you are rocking that dress! don't think i could pull it off but you make it look sooo cute :))

  4. oh, i love the skirt of your dress. :)

  5. Cute dress, love the pattern on the skirt! xx


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