Monday, July 19, 2010

Target,I love you.

I went to Target yesterday with my husband and I bought myself some exciting things for such good prices! I love going to Target! Lets begin:

They didn't have this first product at my Target for awhile and when I saw it on the shelf I was so happy!! Garnier Fuctis Fortifying Deep Conditioner!! This bad boy makes my hair feel so soft to where im constantly running my fingers through it, and it smells so good! It's for Frizzy,Dry or Unmanageable hair. I Recommend you guy buy it now! haha. $4.99

E.L.F smudge brush for $1.00. Some of their brushes I like,some I don't. I haven't tried this one out yet,but crossing fingers I will like it because hey it was only $1.00...but hey if I don't like it, like I said only $1.00. Not like I spent $10 on a brush that I don't like. :) It has a soft domed applicator that is supposed to blend the liner and shadow very well. So we will see ;)

Lipstain from Maybelline in Plum flushed. $6.49! This Lipstain FREAKED ME OUT at first. It seriously looks like a fat marker like the ones I used to have when I was a kid to color with . I tried it on and it was a bit dry so I had to put Lip conditioning cream on first then I applied it and it was much easier. The color is kind of dark but I can deal with it.I will play around with it adding other color glosses over it until I get my desired color ;) It was a lot darker than the cap color which is what I originally wanted. I like it though and might have to buy another color :) its still on me too and not leaving lipstick marks on my water bottles or starbucks

I have so many heels,wedges,& boots and not enough flats.haha. So when I walked to the shoe section I was so excited to see their were flats that were up to 70% off!!
I don't know about you but I have always like MOSSIMO from target and both pair of flats I bought were that brand so that made me really happy.
Purple Suede flats $3.24!!! They are so pretty and I don't own purple shoes!!Now I do and I love them. I love the ruffle too,it makes it more Chic! I want to wear these with some dresses..I will post pictures when I do wear them with outfits.

(still had the tag on ) hehe.

I love flexible sole shoes!! The style is Ofelia and color-Plaid. I love all the colors..kind of reminds me of a cute beach bum :) pair these up with some shorts and plain tank and CUTENESS! They have a bit of distressed sides and both shoes look different which make it look really bold and stylish + fun <3 $4.48!!!

Thanks for checking out this post! please comment what you thought :) I love comments <3
Useless fact of the day : The walkman was first introduced in 1979.


  1. Youuu are just tooooo cute! Ahhh okay first offf you really reallly REALLLY gave me the urge to go to target right now even though its 10pm! I have been wanting to try Deep conditioner and I NEVER even heard of that one!

    The lipstain looks BEAUTIFUL on you! You have such a great smile as well! You are just tooo cute, your sooo happy with your lip stain :)

    And I LOVE the shoes you got! The purple flats are the cutest thing i have ever seeeen! They are going to look so cute in fall too!

    OOH and the award! Aww I have no problem explaining it to you =)
    1. Choose 3 things/ people who inspire you and talk about those 3 things/people.
    2. Give the award to 5-10 other bloggers that inspire you and that you think can inspire others
    3. Let the bloggers you choose that you awarded them
    4. And don't forget to post your response and who you awarded!

    If you need any more help let me know!

    And you are the sweeetest! Thank you THANK YOU for all your lovely comments <3

  2. I really wish we had Target in the u.k. Thanks for another great post xx

  3. Ah! Me tooo!! I wish we had one in Germany!! thx for your sweet comment btw!! Really cute blog!


  4. I envy your eyes! hahaha. and thankz for your recommendation, I would love to try that Garnier deep conditioning:)

  5. That marker-lippie is awesome! I love the color as well :)


  6. Nice haul! I love Target too hehe. Your shoes are so cute! Love those. :D

  7. Target is the one stop shop! I go in for one thing and come out with a cart full!! lol! Great Buys,Doll! =)

  8. the lipstain color you bought looks really pretty on you. :) i also like your purple flats. they're adorable. :) i'm in need of flats, so i'm gonna look around in target. you got a good deal on them too. :)

    yup, that green nyx eyeshadow is pretty and pigmented. you should get it. it's lake algae. :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog. take care. :)

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