Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Would you Wednesday!

Would you pair these together..Or where any one of these items ?
would you add accessories, if so what?

My thought: I think im too short for the skirt..although I think the colors will look great together.

All items above from Forever 21


  1. hey all those stuffs looks gorgeous and suits for you too..

    nice blog this is..hey am also follwin your blog

  2. ooh, i love the bag and the skirt. :) i would definitely wear those. the floral top looks nice too. the color and print are gorgeous. i think that would look really pretty on you. :)

    as for the lake algae eyeshadow (the green one), yup, you should get it. i think the color will look gorgeous on you. i actually have it on today. hehe... :D yup, it would be cool to know if it'll work for you. i know for sure the color will. take care, girl. :D

  3. Great picks!

    Really lovely blog :)
    cheers, Jesa

  4. I think the skirt is a bit long too. If it goes too long it makes legs look so I think I'd pair it all with a shorter skirt. Very cute.


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