Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Would You Wednesday ?

Happy Wednesday! If you have been a follower for quite some time you know what this post is about! :) & if you are a new follower, WELCOME & FYI on Wednesdays I will post an outfit or some type of clothing or accessory and you just let me know WOULD YOU WEAR IT? :)

So here it is:

Not sure where everything is from but I do know the dress is from Forever 21 and purse.

WOULD I WEAR IT??: Probably just the butterfly ring and bracelets.. I personally don't like the rest,but that is my opinion, we all have our own taste and opinions :)

(picture was found on yahoo search)


  1. I would wear everything except the shoes. I mean I would wear the shoes, jut not with that outfit. It's definitely a cute dress though.

  2. I would wear the bracelets! They're cute (:

  3. yeah i agree with you
    i'd just wear the rings and bracelets


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