Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer shopping w/friends

Last week I went to California pizza kitchen at the Victoria Gardens mall (in Rancho cucamonga,CA.) with two of my friends for a very nice relaxing lunch. I got the field green salad..YUM! I also took two slices of Christina's pizza haha. ;/ We laughed and watched people walk by, we even witnessed two young boys around the age of 12-13 sitting on a bench checking out women walking by..haha HILARIOUS!
Well, after lunch we grabbed a coffee from starbucks..ok ok, I DID.(OBSESSED) and then we went to sephora and forever 21. I didn't find anything at Sephora,but I did try on makeup and fix my face.Haha. We put makeup on Elizabeth..and after that we went to forever 21 where I bought some goodies..I will post one of the goodies I got from there. The other purchases I made are on my youtube acct under FOREVER21 Haul :) AlWAYS CHERISH YOUR FRIENDS,GREAT LUNCHES, AND SHOPPING MALLS. ;)

Here are some silly pictures we took <3 br="">

(below is one of the things I bought from Forever 21)

ooh yeah and two days before we went to Javiers resturant in Newport Beach for our friend Nikki's bday! OMG THAT Resturant is AMAZING. so nice and classy and the food was great! I was wearing my beige vest from forever 21! :)


  1. great pictures and looks like great friends lucky girl =)

  2. It sounds like you had sooo much fun with your friends! You look gorgeous in all your photos. And the black dress you wore =) and I see your wearing your cute cardigan vest with those adorable gold buttons! It looks stunning on you and I love how you paird it with a green top. I love seeing pictures of people with their friends, makes you appreciate the good ones you have =)

  3. Ooh and I just read your comment about the Influence book! Its good, you learn a lot! I would love to let you borrow it but I got it from the library! Do you have an L.A. library card? The book is expensive, but the LA library does have it! Search for it in the catalog and place a hold for it and the library thats closest to you =)


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