Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Would "YOU" Wednesday!

another would you wednesday! So would "YOU" wear this outfit?

ps. (almost forgot to do this post today) eeeek!

anywhooooo, here is the outfit:

Would I?
YES!! I would, I love it, and can probably find something like this on forever 21 or H&M and target :) so simple but soo chic! Oh and If anyone can find shoes that look like that let me know! I love them!!


  1. I love this outfit! I love Nicole's style period
    have you checked Target for the shoes? I remember seen some similar to that.


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  4. I'd wear it! Minus the heels though. As much as I do love heels. I really cannot walk in them without looking like a soldier because i tend to march when wearing heels haha!

  5. Awesome post I love that sweater can't wait to wear sweaters again !!!

  6. Gorgeous yet comfy outfit! YES i totalllllly would! Those shoes are to die for! If i were to wear the outfit to school I'd probably wear flats (i walk soo much at school =() but i would swap them out for when I am going out! =)

  7. Yes, definitely. I really love those shoes


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