Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Would you wear this!?

Warning: pictures might be a little disturbing
Would you Wednesday!?
woooooooooooah nelly. here goes. would you wear this?

Oh wow , ewwwwwww the shoes!!! Her feet probably has maggots by now :/

after walking the carpet and being under the flashing bright lights, it had to smell bad like horrible stinky rotting old meat (flesh) -not too attractive and kind of a heartbreaking outfit. So NO I would not wear this outfit, even if someone paid me to.That's my opinion.. Would you wear it???


  1. OMG, Definitely a NO-NO! Just looking at it makes me wanna vomit! sorry that's my opinion. Since i dont even wanna catch any germs or anything icky, what more to wear one just to catch attention. No way, i would rather be naked. eewwwww, goosebumps!

  2. That's disgusting. I would not.

  3. I would definitely not want to wear that. Ever. It's unhygienic and just ugh!


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