Friday, September 23, 2011

Update & Outfit Video

Finally my husband and I registered at Babies R Us and it was so cute because they give you a little purple tote bag with coupons and goodies after you are finished scanning all the products you would like! It was fun but then got really exhausting! We are first time parents so we were a little clueless as of what to scan for the registry. I would love for some input in the comment section below of what is very important :) haha.
As far as the nursery, we have been busy so all that is finished is the paint. We are going for lavender. We painted two walls with Behr Disney Dark lavender and the other two with same brand but a lighter lavender with almost a pink tone to it. Her furniture will be white! Furniture is expensive by the way! YIKES!
Oh and my pharmacy ( I go to walgreens) has been so horrible with my prenatal refills! I ordered them a week ago and they still haven't arrived and I am the one having to call them to see if they came in. They promise to call me to daily to let me know the status of the pills, but they fail to do so..the lady that has helped me out the past two days just kind of brushes me off. :/ Anything I can take for now? The other walgreens don't have them in stock either.
Anyways, I am so excited about my baby shower! I am having it in November! The theme is a surprise, but I will def. take pictures for all of you to see. I am having it at my house and instead of sandwiches and such, we are getting a taco man! ooh yeaaah. haha. Wow I am just thinking at this very moment that I am really a little more than half way done with this pregnancy! So exciting , but also nervous. I still have so many questions about breastfeeding and the thought of actual labor.
Well, I am going to end this now. I am going to find more cute clothes online. Online shopping is fun for baby and I :) I love finding new outfits for my belly and still trying to avoid the maternity clothes, So far so good! Here is a video I posted yesterday with an outfit that was comfortable when I was eating away at The Taste Of Newport! YUM


  1. Omg I love registering it was lots of fun but very tiering! The walls look cute to. O gosh I made a baby to do list a few years ago and my girlfriends and I have passed it around so many times. Lol I even surprised myself when it came back at me w my 2nd baby lol I tottly have to e mail ya:)

  2. Hi Sweetheart! You used to follow me on my 'Balkan Couture' blog. I have my own domain now and it would be lovely if you would be a part of one my readers again :).


  3. hey cristeen im a pharm tech and it seems like they can do more for u but they're not, if its hard for them to get them back in stock either they call another walgreens for you to see if they have it or they call your doctor to maybe change the vitamins to ones that they will have in stock..the otc vitamins are the same as a prescription the only difference is the prescribed ones contain 1mg of folic acid..anyway i hope you get it resolved and you take ur vitamins i wish i could help u out but congrats on ur liitle one. they are a blessing my baby girl will turn one yr old next month they grow so fast so cherish every moment.!<333


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