Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Victoria Beckham Inspired

It is now week 22!! :) I can feel Jayde (yes, that is her name) kicking me!! I love the feeling! Anyways, I was looking online and found a picture of Victoria Beckham pregnant and I was very much inpsired to re create her look!

Love this look! she looks stunning! Hottest pregnant woman I have ever seen!Luckily I had all that I needed in my closet to re create this look.
A plain white shirt, black blazer, leather pants, glasses and heels of course!

x's and o's


  1. You look so cute and you nailed the VB inspiration! Please check out my online consignment store octobermoonboutique.com when you get further along. I have some Motherhood Maternity pieces in Large, several sweaters for Fall.

  2. I like your outfit better then victorias! I think it would be more balanced and chicer if you rolled up the sleeves to show some of lining of the jacket.

    Notttt to be a downer or a hater, but when I hear the name Jayde I immediately think of a porn star (Jayde Nicole, playboy bunny, etc.) Maybe its just me, but I wouldn't want anyone to associate my child with that.

    Best of luck!


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