Friday, April 13, 2012

Rainy day and Doctor appointment

What a day...What a Friday the 13th kinda day.. Okay, it really isn't that bad of a day. My husband got off work early and helped me with taking Jayde to her doctor appointment ( regular checkup) she is doing very well and Dr. K is impressed with how well she is holding up her head on her own! yay Jayde! Today my outift was a bit dark so I wanted to add some color and I did so by adding colorful bracelets (arm candy) I think my coat looks so "linty" (ha) in this pictures because of the rain.. BLAME IT ON THE RAIN!! Which is exactly why I am going to blame the rain for my messy half-ass thrown up bun :) haha! Well hope you are all having a nice Friday and talk to you on my next post! Muaaaaaaah!

(Daddy and Jayde) Coat-F21 Doors Tee- H&M Scarf- Kohls Leggings-H&M Shoes-F21 Cross Ring- F21 Skulls Bracelet- Ebay Colorful bracelets- F21 Beach straw Clutch- H&M

1 comment:

  1. I love your new bangs! They look so good on you, I'm jealous! (: Also, that picture of Jayde and your husband are precious! What a gorgeous family you have(: Have a great weekend!!


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